Domestic abuse and How to Ask the Question Training Comments

“Very informative and interesting – both facilitators were excellent, thank you”.  Western Health and Social Care Trust

“Great course, just enough, information given it raised my awareness”.  Western Health and Social Care Trust

“Excellent course, I understand it’s from a women’s aid perspective so there’s obviously a lot of gender bias in material & verbal examples”. Surestart Edenballymore

“Good session well-presented enjoyed, the tutors, very confident in delivering the course”.  Surestart Edenballymore

“Training was brilliant! Thanks very much!” Aaron  Western Health and Social Care Trust

Domestic Abuse and the Effects on Children and Young People

“Great enhancement on my knowledge of Domestic Abuse, great opportunity to share knowledge/information with Colleagues”.  Health Improvement Dept

“Excellent training good mix of discussions, group work, use of media clips”.  Health Improvement Dept


Perpetrator Training – all comments below from The Simon Community

“Very emotive but interesting topic really enjoyed both sessions!!”

“Both trainers very enthusiastic & approachable”.

“Clear, concise information provided, very approachable”.

“Very well presented – very welcoming”.

“Really enjoyed both sessions of DV training learned lots of new stuff regarding victims & perpetrators”.

“I feel I gained more awareness and knowledge around understanding the mind-set of the perpetrator”.

“Beneficial & relevant, resource very useful”.


Journey to Freedom comments – all comments given by FWA Clients

“I really enjoyed the course and meeting new people and look forward to other courses. Thanks”.

“Thank you for the life line, you helped to save my life”.

“Thank you for all the help; I don’t know what I would have done without it.

“Being able to speak out in a group and have my opinions or thoughts listened to has been great for me!


The Power of Words comments – all comments given by FWA clients

“Would recommend this programme, helps to build your self-esteem and confidence”.

“I would highly recommend this training as I found it very beneficial and I have gained more confidence in myself as an individual and also in my ability to communicate effectively with others in various situations and environments”.

“I so enjoyed the programme and met the most amazing people that I will never forget this journey. Thank you”.


Helping Hands Teacher comments

“This is a great programme for the children to be a part of and they can learn more about aspects of life that they may be unsure about”. Drumrane Primary School, Limavady

“Thank you so much to Claire who made myself and the children feel at ease right from the start. The programme was very age related and relevant & enjoyed by all!” Principal St Aiden’s Primary School, Limavady


Heading for Healthy Relationships teacher comments

“Pupils enjoyed this programme”.  Rossmar Special School, Limavady

“Claire always delivers the program well, great program to deliver within youth clubs”.  Lenamore Youth Club, L’Derry

“A very worthwhile program which supports the new curriculum and also our pastoral care policy here at St Josephs”.  St Josephs College, L’Derry